Premier To Seek Third Term As Bvi Leader


BVI Leader, Premier Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith said that any word being circulated about his intention to quit politics is untrue as it is probably linked to rumors that were started by those who feel threatened by his political leadership.

The Premier and Minister for Finance was questioned by members of the media during a press conference on 26 June about his intentions to contest the next general elections because it was mentioned elsewhere that  Hon. Smith might not be running.

However, Hon. Smith dismissed such comments and announced:  “I am sure those words are being spread by those who probably would feel a bit threatened by my presence.”

“I can assure you that myself and the other members of the National Democratic Party were elected by the people of this Territory, because they felt convinced that we will be able to deliver on our promises and to improve the economy of the British Virgin Islands,” the BVI Leader added.

He said that his Government’s work speaks for itself as they have delivered on many of the promises they made to the people: “We have gone a long way towards fulfilling those goals, and certainly I myself and my colleagues will be again going to the community to seek assistance in putting us back in office to be able to continue the work we have done. Much of the work includes of course the development projects which we have begun, which are essential to continuing the economic growth of the Territory, and also of course taking care of the backlog of bills which we met when we came into office. Essentially, I will be contesting the next election,” Dr. Smith stated.

He also announced that all of the members of his Government will be contesting as well: “I am sure that all of them will be running, and I am sure they’re all as confident, because we have been working very hard on behalf of the people of this territory.”