Premier To Reveal Names Of Spiteful Hold-Up Of Stimulus Funds


There is a reported deliberate attempt to frustrate the release of a portion of the money that was approved for COVID-19 stimulus and Premier and Minister for Finance Hon. Andrew Fahie has threatened to reveal the names of the persons who are holding up the distribution of the needed funding.

While speaking in the House of Assembly on 26 June the Premier said that he expects the monies to be released this week and if it is not, he will let the public know who is responsible. In acknowledging that persons have been patiently waiting the Premier said that it is unfair that things are being delayed for no proper reason.

While suggesting that the held funds were earmarked as the supplement for farmers Hon. Fahie promised that Government still intends to improve the Territory’s agricultural sector. “We are going to be doing more and more for agriculture and fisheries.”

As he called out those holding the release of the agriculture subsidy up, the BVI Leader said, “Within the next week you are going to start to see the persons being funded because we know that there are those who were trying to stop the funding from getting to us, to get to the people thinking that they were spiting us.”

In what can be deemed a call out of the guilty persons, the Premier said: “We want those who have been working behind the scenes to know that you are not in a fight with us, you are in a fight with God when you don’t let go the people’s money to get to God’s children to get the help.”

As he further decried what he said was a spiteful holdup Hon. Fahie said, “Sometimes when you see some people drop down they bawl out wickedness from other people when it is their own doing. They run to go and join forces with all kinds of persons so that they can try to stop this government from getting the monies to get to the people. They have their backdoor meetings when they should be home singing and praying, they plotting and planning through the night like Nicodemus. Trying to make sure that we don’t get that money, we don’t get this, we don’t get that although it done passed.”

“When they fail the wonder how come – because the God human family in the BVI just like the rest of the world is hurting they need these funds. It is already approved by the government. A lot of things have already been approved, but I want the people of the Virgin Islands to know that there was some blockage,” Hon. Fahie added.

Declaring that he is going to bring the matter public if it is not dealt with, the Premier said: “I am not going to hold back for them anymore and if they don’t release our monies to the people this week we coming and start to name them because what they doing now is beyond understanding. I ain’t going for no more back meeting. Sometimes when sense doesn’t work you got to go to nonsense to get back to sense.”