Premier Talks About Virgin Gorda’s Layoffs


In light of the recent hospitality industry closures Government indicated that it is taking a proactive approach to mitigate effects of more staff layoffs on the sister island of Virgin Gorda.

The notice of the impending Yacht Club Costa Smeralda (YCCS) closure was bad news. In response to media query about whether Government was going to ascertain if other properties on the island are contemplating temporary closure and staff layoffs to prevent unemployment issues, Premier Smith said: “The Department of Tourism is actively looking at that … they are having discussions with all the other properties.”

During his 3 May press conference, Hon. Smith also said that Government is mindful of the impact of the temporary closure of tourism establishments on the Territory, the Virgin Gorda community and the economy.

“That is why we have always swiftly swung into action to facilitate and support the affected workers,” he added.

Meanwhile the Premier said that Government welcomes the renovations and expansions that are taking place in Virgin Gorda: “With the upgrades and expansions taking place on Virgin Gorda, we have no doubt that it will help to reposition that island, thus ensuring a bright future for the people of Virgin Gorda,” he said.