Premier Is Surprised By Governor’s Comments


Let me put it this way, I was taken aback by the Governor’s statements,” Premier Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith in response to questions about the Governor’s public criticism of the government.

During the event that was organised to launch an educational programme for prisoners the Queen’s Representative aired his disappointment about a number of governmental matters such as his dissatisfaction with certain areas of accountability.

In his public complaint Governor Duncan zoomed on the Government’s mention about independence interest and noted that such discussions should come after certain mechanisms have been implemented by the elected representatives.

However, Premier Smith is of the opinion that the tongue lashing occurred at an inopportune time and was inappropriate. Dr. Smith told reporters during his 16 February press briefing that he was surprised by the comments.

“Let me put it this way, I was taken aback by the Governor’s statements, which I thought was not appropriate for the occasion. I also want to add that we all work well together, all the ministers of government and the Governor, we have frank discussions in Cabinet,” the BVI Leader explained.

The BVI Leader stressed that his government has a great working relationship with the Governor and alluded to the public comments being surprising. In fact Dr. Smith noted that he and His Excellency communicate on various matters: “For example, how we can work closely together, for example in my negotiations with the EU and UK in financial services, the Governor has been very helpful. The matter of the police, as a government we support the police inside and outside the budget,” the Premier pointed out.