Premier Responds To False Article Carried By Vino


It is amazing to see the lengths that the members of the Virgin Islands party will go to try to stop progress in this country.

In 2007 they went all the way to the United Kingdom to argue against a modern constitution for the BVI

In 2007 they argued against investment in the country, even putting an actor with white powder on his face to represent investors

In 2012 they argued about corruption with the cruise port, a development that everybody else knows would be beneficial to the country: and allegations which have been shown to be unfounded.

Now they are trying to discredit persons whose only goal is to move this country forward.

As usual they are holding back parts of the information that clearly sets out the facts; and here I cannot help but remember how they doctored documents for the Public Accounts Report on the land tax matter which they did in 2008.

In this case the contract between Zolfo Cooper and the Health Services Authority clearly states

“ In addition to our remuneration, you will also be responsible for the costs of any third party instructed by us to include, but not exclusively, lawyers, valuation agents, enquiry or investigative agents or any person (if any) we deem necessary to help us fulfil our duties and functions.

Such costs will be identified in advance and agreed with you prior to engagement of the third parties.”

Orion Law was engaged by Zolfo Cooper as I indicated in my answer in the house;

“Madam Speaker, Orion Law is engaged indirectly by the BVI Health Services Authority by Zolfo Cooper, the collecting agency engaged by the BVIHSA. Zolfo Cooper engaged Orion Law and other legal firms to provide advice to them”

The letter to which they refer simply fulfils the requirement of the Zolfo Cooper agreement and outlines to the Health Services Authority the costs of the service which Zolfo Cooper has asked Orion Law to perform.