Premier Praises NHI


The BVI National Health Insurance System (NHI) is a regional model, Premier and Minister for Finance, Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith announced as he touted that the system is being looked at by other Caribbean countries and he noted that NHI is one of the success stories of his Government’s close eight years in office.

While speaking in the House of Assembly on 18 December Hon. Smith disclosed that interest has been shown in duplicating the NHI elsewhere: “We’ve created National Health Insurance programme which other countries in the Caribbean are seeking to copy and which is something I think one of the most significant things that has been put in place in the past number of years in the British Virgin Islands.”

As recently as August the matter of NHI was discussed in the House of Assembly and received both criticism and praise.

This was especially noted in the House of Assembly on 14 August as Third District Representative, and Opposition Member Hon. Julian Fraser mentioned areas of concern as it relates to NHI. He told the House, “NHI has serious flaws Mr. Speaker and they need to be ironed out, they need to be worked on. Many people who has to travel overseas has to sit and wait until we reach some point where some form of revenue can be found for them to travel overseas while they.”