Premier Fahie Meets Church Leaders & Country Associations


Last week newly elected Premier and Minister for Finance Hon. Andrew Fahie invited the representatives of the religious bodies and organizations in Territory for a sit down as well heads of the various country associations in the Territory.

The meetings were held on the same day, and both were explained to be aimed at bridging any divide and promoting unity in the BVI.

While mentioning his meeting with the religious organizations the Premier described the sit down on 8 March as “more prayer, more power.”

It was noted that all of the leaders of the religious organization were not able to send representatives. “Today I had the privilege of meeting with all the pastors of the different churches in the BVI that were able to attend.”

Nonetheless, Hon. Fahie said that the meeting and discussions were fruitful as it was explained that our Territory must maintain religious focus: “We all agreed that we must put and keep God as King of the BVI. We must stay prayed up! This was the first of many meetings to come,” the Premier disclosed.

While announcing “unity is strength” the Premier updated on his sit down with the various country associations. Hon. Fahie said in a Facebook post: “Today (8 March) I had the pleasure of hosting a meeting of the different Presidents and members of each Nationality residing in the BVI that were able to attend. This was the first of many meetings to come. We all agreed to concentrate on the things that we have in common so that we can build the V.I. through unity.”