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Premier Fahie Endorses “No Masks, No Service”


Premier and Minister of Finance, Honourable Andrew A. Fahie has said that residents must protect themselves by wearing masks, washing and santising their hands and practicing social distancing among other measures as the Territory comes out of 28 days of 24-hour curfew.

The Premier said, “Businesses will be urged to abide by the orders and to assist in enforcement. The rule is simple. No mask, no service. No social spacing, no service. No clean hands, no service. No physical markers, no service. No approval to operate, no service. That is an essential part of the New Regular.”

Premier Fahie added, “If a customer refuses to sanitise and to wear a mask, do not admit them into your business. You do not want to find yourselves suffering for the recklessness of others.”

The Premier stated that he has received reports of persons refusing to adhere to the safety guidelines.

 “We did not sacrifice our freedom to move about; we did not close our borders, shut down businesses, and ask persons to endure the economic fall-out that the world is currently experiencing; use our own tax dollars to keep us all safe; just for a handful of persons to throw our progress away. I will not stand for it,” The Territory’s leader said.

He also reminded businesses that they cannot operate if they are not on the list approved by the Cabinet of the Virgin Islands and passed the inspection by the Social Distancing Task Force. He added that businesses who decide to open without approval, will be held responsible for their actions.

The Premier reminded residents that the safety measures implemented are in the best interest of all and that deviating from them can bare consequences.

 “The rules and protocols that have informed our reopening strategy were devised by the local and international professionals in the public health field, working with scientific data and research.”

These rules and protocol he stated are designed to keep the Territory moving forward towards the eventual full reopening of the economy.

“Disobedience pushes us in the opposite direction,” he said, adding, “Unauthorised opening of businesses pushes us in the opposite direction. Not wearing masks and not practicing social distancing push us in the opposite direction.”

The Virgin Islands is under Curfew (No.14) Order, 2020 from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. daily.