Premier Fahie Describes Himself As “Unconventional Leader”

Premier Andrew Fahie and members of the House of Assembly (Photo Dean Greenaway)

Premier Hon. Andrew Fahie announced that he would be an unconventional leader and that his government will do things in an unconventional way. The BVI Leader made this announcement during the swearing in ceremony of the Ministers of Government that was held at Government House on 1 March.

Hon. Fahie in stressing that his administration will not be doing things in the same manner as governments of the past said: “When I was campaigning I made it clear – unconventional leader for an unconventional time; so please do not try to fit me in the mold of a conventional leader because it will not happen. We have many challenges and doing the same thing over and over and expecting new results is an exercise in insanity.”

Hon. Fahie said that he is very cognizant of the expectations that the voters have for the new government and his administration intends to deliver on the promises made. “We know that we have a job to do and we are going to get it done. We know that there are high expectations and we have to manage those expectations, but we know that there is also limited resources.”

The Premier said that there is a formula for the type of governance that they intend to deliver to the Territory. “We intend to run each Ministry as if it were the people’s Ministry. I’ve spoken to each Minister and warned them that no one Minister will run a Ministry as if they are in government alone; we will make sure that this is run in unity, togetherness;” Hon. Fahie said.

He added that he has already cautioned his Ministers and informed them that there is expectation that they will carry out their functions in a transparent manner. In fact, Hon. Fahie said the Ministers were informed that they will be relieved of their duties if they are found to performing in a less than favorable manner.

“I have spoken to each Minister and I have told them to make sure that we stay transparent”.

There were changes to the portfolios of ministers and when the information was first leaked there was concern among members of the public as to the rationale for some of the adjustments. For instance, telecommunications was added to the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

While explaining the reason last Friday Hon. Fahie said: “In our manifesto, we were clear with some of the areas we want to achieve. For example, we have shifted agriculture and fisheries into Education. Now the conventional thinking will say that it doesn’t fit there, but I stated from onset that this is an unconventional leader in an unconventional time… Education is the Ministry of Education and Culture. The culture of the Virgin Islands is fishing and agriculture, so we could fit it in there and we would be able to do the curriculum from the prep, pre-school, straight up to tertiary.”