Premier Expresses Great Concern About Crime Levels In BVI


Premier and Minister for Finance, Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith said that he is seriously concerned about the criminal elements that cause trouble in the Territory.
Hon. Smith made the remarks during his 29 July Emancipation message. He said: “As a member of the National Security Council, we take very seriously the matter of internal security and quite recently the small pockets of individuals who insist on threatening that security by violating our laws.”
The BVI Leader also mentioned that he was given assurance from the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force that steps are being taken to ensure the safety of life and property by re-enforcing a zero-tolerance policy on crime.
It was also mentioned that the Territory’s overall security falls on the various security Departments, and as such the Premier thanked all of them: “At this time I salute our frontline, hardworking men and women in the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force, Her Majesty’s Customs and Immigration Department, who work so diligently to protect our population, our ports of entry and our borders even at times when we are in the comfort of our homes. On behalf of my Government and the people of this Territory, I say thank you.”
Hon. Smith also called on residents to play a part in ensuring that the Territory is crime free: “Over the years the BVI has achieved a relatively crime-free status as criminal activity is minimal when compared to other parts in the region. With this in mind, I call on every resident and visitor to help us keep criminal activity to a minimum and let us partner with the Royal Virgin Police Force to help protect life and property, especially during this Festival season. Remember, that in a matter of seconds or minutes, the BVI’s image, as one of the region’s premier destinations, could be easily tarnished and damaged irreparably by some unfortunate criminal act,” Hon. Smith said.