Details surrounding the assassination threats to Premier and Minister for Finance, Hon. Andrew Fahie will soon be revealed to legislators in the House of Assembly.

Hon. Fahie made the promise on 17 May during a sitting of the House of Assembly. At the time he was airing his dissatisfaction about kickback rumors; and the false story that this was why he hired bodyguards. Therefore, the Premier assured his colleagues that he will provide them details on the threat: “I want to sit down with the 12 members, let us discuss this formally, afterward we can come back and state certain things about it. But then when we have that process of retribution we all must come, because I don’t think the people of this Territory realise that other members have security too. Mine walking but others there,” the Minister of Finance said.

It was last month during the budget debate that Hon. Fahie made the announcement that his life was threatened and as a result he required security officers/bodyguards accompanying him wherever he goes.

Since, then the Premier said that some people have been invalidating the matter of his security and are creating stories about why he has bodyguards.  “I am on the streets too and I hear things. It’s above board, it’s transparent. Every time you hear they try to put that security is done because the Premier knows this person, this kick back; and that kick back. I must be a mule! There is no kick back, there is nothing here, this is a transparent process, my life is at stake; and I am not playing around with it,” he said.

The Premier further told the House of Assembly that he finds the rumors distasteful because they mock a threat to his life: “It’s my life at stake and I know some people in this country, sad to say, don’t care if I go but I will put out a watcher to watch the watcher until I feel safe,” Hon. Fahie said.

 “All of us have different security in here, just about. You have your security cameras by your house, different members have security here, and it was never an issue until I get security… There are different Members here sitting down with security all the time, so if we are going to bring mine we going to bring all,” he added.