Premier Elaborates On Solution To High Freight Costs


A suitable solution that will influence shipping price to the Territory is being mulled, Premier and Minister for Finance, Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith announced in the House of Assembly recently.
The Premier who was at the time responding to the Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Julian Fraser’ suggestion that Government should subsidize shipping rate. Hon. Fraser announced that Government subsidy is the only way to ensure better rates, and result in lower cost of goods: “If we are going to stand here as a government and talk about rates, don’t look at the shipping company because you are not going to get any better rates unless you decide to subsidize the shipment of the goods. So, let’s get real,” he said.
However, Hon. Smith in his response announced that the subsidy discussion has been exhausted: “There was also the discussions…whether we should subsidize freight and this in recognition of the fact that I think the cost of freight between the U.S mainland and USVI is much less the cost of getting something from U.S mainland to the BVI. Again, we have had so many discussions on this,” the Premier noted.