Premier elaborates on French blacklisting status


Days after comments by an Opposition Member about the French blacklisting situation, Premier Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith has assured that the Territory is making strides in the matter.
The question about the blacklisting was put to Premier Smith by reporters at a Press Conference that was held on 5 September: “…We have made all of the necessary changes in order to be able to respond adequately to the French. The French are satisfied with our responses, and they will be reviewing them; but I cannot tell you that it has been done as yet. As soon as it has been done we will let everybody know.”
While the Premier said that he could not elaborate further about the issue, he did state: “I believe that we can expect good word based on the performance, but I cannot say when precisely that would happen.”
At a recent public meeting Opposition Member and Third District Representative, Hon. Julian Fraser said that the Territory has been led to believe that France promised to remove the BVI from its list of blacklisted countries, when to date this has not been done.