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Premier Discusses Commercial Flights


Since the Territory’s borders were closed in March no commercial flight has arrived and many are anxious to know when such travel would recommence. This question was answered by Premier and Minister for Finance Hon. Andrew Fahie as he explained during a press conference on 12 May that some airlines have already made contact with the government to query.

While the Premier said that he is not going to speak on Government chartering private flights to bring home nationals stranded overseas because of COVID-19 complexities. The government has been asked about commercial flights landing at the BVI international airport –Terrance B Lettsome.

In noting that airline companies have made queries about service to the BVI Hon. Fahie said, “Up to last evening (11 May) two airlines contacted us through the BVI Airports Authority asking when can they put up their flights coming from Puerto Rico to the BVI so we have planes that are already waiting. They just want to ensure that they have the protocols and we get their protocol also to make sure how they are handling their aircraft coming into the Virgin Islands and out of the Virgin Islands.”

As it further relates to when public flights would be available Hon. Fahie said: “I cannot answer as yet but in short order.”

The Premier explained that safety and preventing the spread of COVID is a major consideration in this regard: “Our first concern is about bringing back home our people – Virgin Islanders, Belongers or residents. We want to make sure that they come back home, that’s our first aim.