The snail-speed and recurrently unreliable performance of internet service in the Territory has been lamented for many years, however Premier and Minister for Finance Hon. Andrew Fahie is vowing that his government will bring an end to the sad situation once and for all. In fact, the Premier has promised to make a statement in the House of Assembly on 3 June on the matter.

Over the years many attempts have been made to improve the internet service is having an effect on business in the Territory and beyond. The situation even prompted a former Minister with responsibility for the subject to threaten to bring in another service provider in order to ensure that the Territory has better internet.

Now Hon. Andrew Fahie is announcing that his government is committed to ensuring that there is better internet in the BVI. The Premier said that over his government’s four year term they are hoping to bring down the cost of internet service and make access easier.

Hon. Fahie while speaking on the programme Honestly Speaking with Claude Skelton-Cline on 28 May said that he envisions every taxi being able to offer WIFI to their guests.

The BVI Leader said that already his government has commenced talks geared at improving the industry, and noted that the frequent buffering on videos is unacceptable: “We are looking at the right new polices for telecoms. We are very concerned about the quality of service being provided, no offence to any one company but I think people are seeing the circle just buffering.”

He also noted that the price for service is also an unattractive feature of internet in the BVI: “People are tired of paying these exorbitant bills when you look at it versus the other Caribbean islands and I told persons today in the meeting. We are very serious about tackling these areas. I have already sat down with the TRC, had a long meeting with the board also with the members of the TRC to let them know that this government is going to pass whatever policy, amend whatever act that has to pass and do whatever is necessary in the best interest of the Territory,” Hon. Fahie said.

The Premier also referenced the cost of internet service in the Territory compared to other places in the region and he noted that the BVI is not getting needed service. “I do not have any interest in any of the companies, I want to be fair to them, but when you look at what we have been charged in the BVI versus other Caribbean islands some with a smaller population and the service that they are getting versus ours  we have to come to the table,” Hon. Fahe said.