Power School Program Must Continue: Hon. Fahie Says


Opposition Member, and First District Representative Hon. Andrew Fahie told the House of Assembly on 22 September that the Power School program that was implemented under his tenure was never advanced by the current Minister.
Power School is a centralized student information database that is accessible via any standard web browser, and Hon. Fahie, who is the former Minister for Education announced that the program served a useful purpose for the monitoring of attendance and grades.
“There was a high dropout and a high absenteeism going on in the schools at the time and we couldn’t get it handled no matter what we were doing. Madame Speaker, I received a recommendation to reinstate the truancy officers, we went and reinstated the truancy officers. The question then was how do they monitor what is happening, so Madame Speaker we went and we brought a system in place not only to help the truancy officers monitor who was present or absent we presented a system to help parents see their grades,” Hon. Fahie said.
He explained that Power School was successfully piloted in the high schools and was awaiting introduction in the primaries. ”Up to this day “Power School“ has not been extended to the primary division which I have a pet peeve about, because you’re supposed to go on your phone; and anywhere in this present time see the progress of your child from secondary to primary,” Hon. Fahie said.