Power Outage, Synergy win inaugural Borrows Memorial Softball Tourney titles | Island Sun

Power Outage, Synergy win inaugural Borrows Memorial Softball Tourney titles

Power Outage players line up to greet Miligue Malone, center, after his 2-run homer

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Jeremy “Chicken” Penn scattered four hits, Power Outage overcame a 5-1 deficit and Milique Malone hit a crucial 2-run left field homer, as they fended off the charging Pirates 9-7, to win the BVI Softball Association’s inaugural George “Shawala” Borrows Memorial Softball Tournament on Saturday night at the  E. Walwyn Brewley Softball Park, before a crowd of boisterous fans.

Pirates starting pitcher Rico “Polly” Penn’s 2-run homer, gave them the early lead, before increasing it to 5-1, after Power Outage scored in the bottom of the first. Power Outage tied the game at 5-5, chasing Penn, who was relieved by Nicos Penn. Malone scored on a pass ball to make it 6-5 in Power Outage’s favor and they went on to lead 9-5. With two outs in their do or die inning, the Pirates last gasp resulted in two runs, making it a 9-7 game.

Power Outage, 9 runs, 8 hits 3 errors 7 left on base. Malone was 3-for-4 with 4 RBI’s. Jamal “Lefty” Allen went 2-for-5 with a run batted in.

Pirates 7 runs 6 hits 3 errors and 8 runners stranded.

Tecius “TC” Frett was 3-for-4, scored twice and had 2 RBI’s Rico Penn’s homer resulted in 2 RBI’s.

“This game was a Dog fight,” Power Outage Coach Roy Barry told Island Sun Sports. “Just like the Pirates said they were coming out to play and win, and they did come out to play but they  did not win. But, I must say, they’re an awesome team, they played their heart out, but tonight, the better team won.”

Pirates Captain and Catcher Devon Bedford, congratulated Power Outage on their victory.

“Boy, we didn’t get to put the pressure on them that I spoke about to make them come good,” he told Island Sun Sports. “If we had gotten that last inning squeezed, you would have seen what I’m talking about. But, it was a good game, two good teams, the best team won.”

Despite trailing 5-1, Barry said he expected his team to break out, because they have good offense.

“That’s all we did, what we’re good at—hit the ball,” he said.

Bedford said his pitcher gave up several base runners when they had the four run lead, where Power Outage batted around and scored eight unanswered runs before their final gasp.

“Once people are getting on easy, any little blooper, anything can happen, a run can score,” he noted. “Once you’re putting on a runner, that’s a big advantage.“

Ahead of the 2021 season, Bedford said he’s encouraged by his team which he is only 75% complete.

“We have a lot more to go,” he noted, saying they’re looking to go undefeated. “Straight through like the Patriots, we’re going big.”

Barry said it’s an awesome feeling to come out and win, despite struggling sometimes during the tournament.

“We came out and started practicing regularly and it turned out fruitful for us,” he noted. “All we have to do is continue practicing and we’re going to be great. We have a young player by the name of Milique Malone, once he stays with us, we can go places.”

Synergy downs That’s Ya Problem 10-5

Synergy overpowered That’s Ya Problem for the women’s title. Coach Neville “Sheep Smith described his squad as “a young team with a lot of experience.”

“They have a lot of energy, just as the team’s name Synergy,” he noted. “It’s kind of hard coaching them because they know the game and sometimes they think they know the game too much and you have to keep them in line—not to talk too much—but talk to keep the game in play, not to talk just for talking sake. But to be honest, I have a really good team, a good pitching staff, so I look forward to coaching them in the regular season.”

That’s Ya Problem’s Coach Jamal “Lefty” Allen said before the game, he told them the team that had the most hits will win the game. “Clearly, Synergy came out strong in the beginning and hit some hard shots—we couldn’t stop them—so they got the better half of us tonight,” he noted.

Smith said while That’s Ya Problem have good pitching, he noted that they don’t play the game right in terms of if a ball is hit to the outfield, everything was thrown to third base.

“So I told my runners once they got a base hit, try to get two because outfielders were throwing the ball to third base so I just to play the game how I know the game.”

Smith said it’s a good feeling to win the first title of any kind since Hurricane Irma destroyed the E. Walwyn Brewley Softball Park in 2017.

“The crowd we had here tonight is really, really outstanding and I’m happy to see this kind of crowd,” he said. “It’s good to be here and win this for Shawala.”