Power Outage, Pythons lead men and women’s Softball series

Pirates' Dwight Brookes tries to get a bunt off Power Outage's pitcher Neville "Sheep" Smith

Pirates’ Dwight Brookes tries to get a bunt off Power Outage’s pitcher Neville “Sheep” Smith

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Coach Terry “Chino” Chinnery, is seeking to win both the Men and Women’s BVI Softball Association Berth “Big Man” Henley League Championship series. Both Power Outage and the Pythons are up 2-0 over the Pirates and the Hawks respectively in the best of seven series which resumes on Aug 8 after the Festival activities.

“We plan to take four straight,” Chinnery said after Power Outage over powered the Pirates 11-4 on Sunday night, following an 8-1 triumph in Friday’s opener of the best of seven series. “I’m coaching them, but, I don’t need to coach them—there’s nothing I can do for them. They can hit and once you have that, there’s nothing to worry about. Sheep (Neville Smith) is pitching good, we have good defense so the chances of getting four straight looks pretty good.”

Smith has won both games, giving up a total of six hits including Friday’s 2-hitter. Power Outage’s Rhodni Skelton—who homered in Friday’s opener—had 4RBIs off a homer on a 1-for-4 night on Sunday. Devon Mercury also homered in three at bats.

Nateshon “Shadow” Thomas had two of the Pirates’ four hits.

“We just have to concentrate and we have to lay off Sheep’s pitches and wait until he comes in the zone,” said losing pitcher and Pirates captain Allen “Woodrow” Smith. “They’re not afraid of Sheep. It’s just that the concentration level isn’t there right now—but we have to get it together or else it’s all over—we can’t waste anymore time now.”

The series takes a break for Festival and play resumes on Aug 8. “We have two weeks off and hopefully we’ll get some rest and some practices in and we’ll come back fresh,” Smith said.

The Pythons, Chinnery’s women’s team, clobbered the Hawks 12-2 on Thea Cooke’s one-hitter, following an 8-2 opening triumph.

Khyra Powell powered the Pythons’ offence to their 56th straight victory with a 3-for-3 night. She doubled, scored twice and had two runs batted in. Deanna Hunt took the loss.

Chinnery said the Hawks played very well in the first game before getting winded. “The game was 0-0 through the third—the first time is has been like that and it was a really good game—but today, they just fell apart and we beat them 12-2,” Chinnery noted, saying it would be great to snatch both titles. “Everybody is saying the women’s team is too string and I should break them up, but that won’t happen until next year.”