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Power Outage evens series as That’s Ya Problem faces elimination

Synergy’s First Baseman Bria Smith, outs That’s Ya Problem’s Donneshia George, in a close play at first 

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Defending Men’s Softball champions Power Outage fended off Storm 10-6 on Sunday to even their best of five Astros-Atoms Softball League Championships series at 1-1, while defending Women’s champion That’s Ya Problem, is facing elimination on Saturday, after losing their second game on Sunday, 4-3.  Both men’s and women’s champions are defending their 2017 titles after the league was interrupted by Hurricane Irma and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Neville “Sheep” Smith fanned 12 during the 7-5 opening victory. The VI Softball Baseball Association did not provide statistical data on any of the four championship games.

Power Outage Manager Roy Barry said he got excellent pitching from Jamal “Lefty” Allen in game two, but his defense was a bit weak, allowing four of Storm’s six runs on errors.

“Outside of that, the pitching was excellent and our offence was better,” he said, noting that he has three injured players and couldn’t gauge his approach to Saturday’s game three until later in the week. “Once they’re all healthy, we’re going in to win.”

“Allen “Woodrow” Smith said Power Outage is a good team and now that the series is evened, the series starts at 0-0. The back to back games he said it taking its toll on the older players whose bodies need more rest.

“The older guys are fatigued, the younger guys are learning the game, so we’re going to regroup, come again and start from scratch, 0-0” he said. “We have to stay focused, play as a unit, control giving up the runs and we’ll be alright. I’m hoping to end it on Sunday.”

Synergy takes 2-0 lead

Synergy took a commanding 2-0 lead in their series with a 4-3 victory over 2017 champs That’s Ya Problem on Sunday, after taking the opener, 12-2. Manager “Neville” Sheep Smith said as the series progresses, things will change, noting that they won the opener convincingly and by one run in the second game.

“It showed you that they made adjustments so now we have to make another adjustment even though we won,” he told Island Sun Sports. “Come game time on Saturday, we’re gonna bring it.”

Smith said he has his squad trying to play the game the way it’s to be played. If they have to bunt, he wants them to bunt and same if he wants them to hit and once they listen, he sees no reason why they can’t win the game.

“They’re listening and that’s the key,” he pointed out. They’re actually in the game and once they keep listening and staying in the game, we’ll win the game. That’s what coaches are here for—to make adjustments on the field, make adjustments in batting—so once they listen, we’re good.”

That’s Ya Problem manager Jamal “Lefty” Allen, said his team didn’t come out with a fight in the first game but played better in the second. He said a few calls cut their throat but they fought and didn’t give up in game two. “They came back and held them so I’m proud of them tonight,” he told Island Sun Sports. “I told the girls they have to bear down and they have to want it. Once they make the necessary adjustments, they can play against any team but they just have to have confidence in themselves, keep-up one another and play with each other and do what they’re supposed to do.”

Facing elimination in Saturday’s game three that starts at 6 p.m., Allen said his team must play from in front, outscore Synergy in every inning and not play from behind. “We aren’t going home,” he said of being swept 3-0. “We have to find a way to execute and have another chance again.”