Port Purcell Problems: Consultants To Find Quick-Fix


Government has hired consultants to assist with the unnerving situation at the main cargo port in Purcell where residents are complaining that they are unable to receive critically needed building supplies and other important items.

The reason for the port impasse is not clear and the matter continues to garner negative feedback as residents who are making use of the import duty break are finding it difficult to get their items off the dock. Meanwhile port officials are citing space constraints.

During a recent press conference Premier and Minister for Finance Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith disclosed that government had hired three consultants, among which is a specialist in port management.

The services of the consultant is expected to ease the situation.In fact, the Premier said that the consultants have already commenced work: “They have been meeting with the Ministry of Communications and Works to improve the efficiency so that things can move much more quickly.”

As it relates to the port issues Hon. Smith opined that the problems will begin to be rectified shortly: “It should be happening anytime now because they have been working over the past week and you should see improvements.”

During a public meeting that was held at the Althea Scatliffe School on 24 January the Premier also mentioned the current issues arising at the cargo port in Purcell where many have complained there is difficulty clearing imports. At that time he said: “We are also very cognizant of the issues at the cargo port and I know that several remedies are being pursued and I know that the Minister is very concerned and is spending a significant amount of time at the ports to make sure that these measures put in place are considered properly so that they may help the port function in a more effective way very shortly. This is important because if that is not functioning efficiently it would hamper the recovery process as seen that is happening from time to time.”