Poor Support Of March Against Violence Criticized


Rector of the St George’s Episcopal Anglican Church, Father Ronald Branche was very critical that the ‘March Against Violence’ that was organized by the Office of Gender Affairs in observance of International Human Rights Day was poorly attended.

Father Branche expressed his unhappiness at the poor support for the march to his congregation on Sunday 14 December in a sermon that was also aired on ZBVI Radio.

The Rector said: “On Wednesday we had the March Against Violence. Everyone complains that there is too much violence in the place, but we have a march against violence and how many people came? How many people coming out to identify with peace that we want for the community?”

“We cannot be people who want something and don’t want to claim it. We got to claim it. We got to be out there for it,“ Father Branche added.

The 2014 march began from the Governor’s House Parking Lot and ended at the Noel Lloyd Positive Actions Movement Park; it was led by Miss BVI, Jaynene Jno-Lewis. Students and other members of the community also participated.