Police Seek Assist As Murder Investigations Continue


Tuesday, November 29 – As Police continue their investigation into the murder of 24-year-old Estavan Jefferson, RVIPF Major Investigation Team (MIT) is following up on reports of three young men who were seen getting onto a dingy and speeding away from the Hodges Creek Marina on the evening of November 17.
Anyone with information with regard to this sighting is asked to contact the MIT at 368-9339 or 311.
Jefferson was fatally wounded in the area of the Stickett around 6:20pm on Thursday, November 17. The Major Investigation Team is seeking to identify the person or persons responsible for this murder and put together details surrounding the incident. Therefore, officers are urging persons to say something, if you saw and know something by contacting the team directly at 368-9339 or calling the RVIPF three-digit access number 311.
Persons with information but wish to remain anonymous can call the confidential Miami-based hotline number 800-8477 and give this information.