Police Respond To Rise In Burglaries


Wednesday, May 3 – Police are responding with positive action to a slight rise in the number of burglaries on Tortola with two suspected burglars charged this week.

Within the last week, Police recorded eight burglaries mainly in the Todmans Estate and Mount Healthy areas. Chalwell and Soldiers Hill areas were also targeted.

Almost all of the burglaries were during the daytime with unsecured doors and windows with removable screens being the points of entry. Cash, jewelry and electronics were among the items taken. In the only overnight burglary, residents found a black male, described as between 20-25 years, hiding in the bathroom. He quickly fled the scene after he was discovered, leaving behind the homeowner’s items which he had collected in the bathroom.

Police are asking homeowners to be deliberate in securing all doors and windows especially those out of public view and to report any suspicious persons or activities. Residents are also asked to mark valuable items such as laptop, cellular phones and flat screen televisions so that they are easily identifiable and to record serial numbers of these items. In the case of jewelry, persons should also store photos particularly of treasured jewelry pieces to an online storage site in case of thief.

Police believe there are more burglary arrests to be made in these matters therefore persons are asked to contact the RVIPF three-digit non-emergency number 311 or the RVIPF Intelligence Unit at 368-9339 if they have any information in relation to burglaries in these and other areas. Persons can also call the confidential Crimestoppers hotline number at 800-TIPS (8477) or any officer within the RVIPF.