Police Pursue Leads In Aggravated Burglary


Tuesday, January 6 – Detectives of Criminal Investigations Department are pursuing several leads into an aggravated burglary reported yesterday evening at a residence in Nibbs Estate, Sea Cows Bay.

The female resident of the home stated that around 7:30pm, she was closing her front door when two armed masked men, dressed in all black with Halloween masks covering their faces, held on to the door.

One pointed a gun at her while the other pointed a gun at her son who came out once he heard the commotion. After she stated she had no cash, one of the perpetrators hit her in the chest with his firearm and proceeded to remove her gold chain, rings and earrings. The two then left the premises, entered a black four-door Vitara and fled the scene.

The female resident was treated at Peebles Hospital for bruises to her chest and then released. No other persons were injured.

One of the perpetrators is described as tall and the other as around 5’4 inches. Likewise, the taller was one was carrying what appeared to be a rifle and the shorter one had a handgun. The descriptions are similarly to those given in robberies in recent weeks.

Detectives of the Criminal Investigation Department are asking for assistance with any information, even suspicions, that can help in identifying the perpetrators in this aggravated burglary or any of the robberies. Persons can contact the Department by calling the RVIPF access number 311. Persons are also invited to give this information anonymously to the Miami-based Crimestoppers number 800-8477.