Police Presence In VG Is Problematic: Commissioner Says


The Virgin Gorda police station was severely damaged by the September 2017 hurricanes and Commissioner of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) Michael Matthews told legislators that accommodating the police officers stationed on that sister island is proving difficult.

During his appearance before the Standing Finance Committee, Matthews stressed that it is an inconvenience trying to maintain presence when the facility has been destroyed. In noting the level of destruction the building sustained Matthews said that the entire top floor of the station was damaged. “The barracks at Virgin Gorda had its entire top floor destroyed; the roof went and even some of the walls too,” the Commissioner further told the Committee.

The head of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force mentioned that money was previously provided for the renovation. He told the Committee that the RVIP were given funding through a United Kingdom contractor to look at the Virgin Gorda station as part of the immediate repair work in the aftermath of the hurricane.

He further stated that he regretted to inform the Committee that by the time we reached the end of the United Kingdom financial year, the funding had not stretched to make the repairs to the barracks, the Standing Finance Committee report stated.

Meanwhile, Commissioner Matthews informed legislators that the state of the station is a big concern. He also pointed out that it is becoming very challenging to have to move officers and there is no accommodation especially for officers who have homes on Tortola.