Police Investigate Robbery Near Stickett


Monday, June 2 – Police are investigating a report of robbery which has resulted in injuries to one man.

The victim stated that he was in the area of the Stickett in Long Look when he was approached by two masked males; gun butted and robbed of a small amount of cash.

He was taken to Peebles Hospital for treatment of injuries sustained to his forehead.

Investigations are continuing.

The RVIPF has allocated a team of detectives specifically to investigate the recent robberies with a view of quickly apprehending those who are perpetrating these offences and seizing their weapons. Persons with information that can assist are asked to contact the detectives directly at 468-5682. Persons can also call the Intelligence Unit at 468-9339.

The Crimestoppers in Miami also provides persons wishing to give information anonymously an opportunity to do so. Call 800-TIPS, 800-8477.