Police Confirm Sudden Deaths Of Two Male Tourists


Wednesday, March 11 – Police are confirming the sudden deaths of two male tourists, both pronounced dead upon arrival at Peebles Hospital on Monday.

James Williams, 41, a visitor from Canada, was found unresponsive near the shoreline of Norman Island around 9am. He was among a group of eight including his wife sailing onboard the M/Y Toucan Play that had anchored off Norman Island the afternoon prior.

Lawrence Ernest Klein, 71, a visitor from the USA, was also sailing with a group of eight aboard the vessel, Martha R, when he encountered difficulties around 11am. The deceased entered the water off Guana Island and swam some distance from the boat when he signaled his distress. The captain immediately responded but found him unresponsive upon arrival. Efforts to resuscitate him by the Captain, Virgin Islands Search and Rescue and persons nearby were unsuccessful.

Coroner’s office was notified and a postmortem is to be scheduled in both cases to determine the cause of death.