Police Confirm Robbery At Baughers Bay Gas Station


Friday, September 4 – Police are confirming a robbery at a Baughers Bay Gas Station.

The proprietor of the gas station reported that he was taking the evening proceeds into his vehicle after 9pm last night when he was approached by a lone gunman. He turned over the proceeds to gunman who then fled on foot to the front of the building.

A second assailant than emerged, took the bag after it fell from the first assailant and they both ran toward the Purcell Roundabout.

Both assailants were described as slim built; one was approximately 5’10 inches tall and the other was a bit shorter. They were both wearing dark long pants and short sleeved shirts. Neither said anything during the incident and no one was injured in the incident.

Police are asking for anyone who may have been on the Blackburne Highway after 9pm last night or could share any information that could assist in identifying the perpetrators to contact the Criminal Investigations Department through the RVIPF 311 access number.