Police collapse chasing RTW Falcons 99 runs, lose by 39

Police Captain Richard Francis puts his all into a shot and scored 28 against the RTW Falcons

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Captain Joel Williams said that the 99 runs his RTW Falcons scored wasn’t what they were looking for. But, it was enough to withstand the Police chase, as they collapsed at 59-7 in their 10 overs to lose by 39 runs on Sunday in the BVI Cricket Association Ten10 league in Greenland.  

“Just another one of those days,” Police Captain Richard Francis who scored 28, the bulk of which came during a 41 fourth wicket partnership with Collis Frazer, who had 13, told Island Sun Sports, after the first three batters went for three runs before he came to the crease. “The bowlers performed. We had a plan to keep them under 100 but we put a bit of pressure on ourselves in terms of the batting and middle order, because we didn’t get the start that we had hoped for in the early overs. We tried to bring back the game in the middle, but it was just too much.”

Williams, who bowled Francis and three others in the process of bagging four wickets for a paltry four runs, began his stint with a maiden over and said the victory was a team effort.

“We didn’t get the start we wanted or even the total with the bat, but we the bowlers, we went out and stuck with the plan, so it was a very good victory for us,” he told Island Sun Sports.  “This victory is very important for us because it puts us up the table, probably second. So it’s good for us.”

The Falcons’ Curtis Jack and Sylvester Mitchell opened with an 87 run partnership before Jack was run out for 40. Mitchell was bowled 22 and 25 runs came off extras including 19 wides and Williams said they had lots of positives from the game. “Even though we were playing with two fellows short, we backed the bowlers, we didn’t have any misfielding, we didn’t drop any catches all in all it was a good effort by us.”

Every Saturday, Police practice in Greenland but Francis said not enough players show so that it can be transferred into a game situation. “Collectively, we need to do some improvement to practicing as a whole unit, we haven’t been getting much of that,” he said. “We gave up 17 or 18 extras in one of the overs from bowling and that put some more runs on the board. We just have to control the extras, the batting has to perform better because the bowling has been good.”

Cavaliers whip Vikings

Dhangpaul Chrisnanand led the charge gutting the middle order, Avishkar Sewkarran punished the bowlers for 51 and Cavaliers went on to a six wicket victory over the Vikings in the first game played after rains wiped out the VI Renegades and Grenada match. Each team got a point.

Chrisnanand had a maiden second over in leading Cavaliers bowlers who bagged four Vikings wickets for 14 runs including two ducks, putting them in peril at 63-7, before 30 not out from Mikhail Mohammad brought them to 103 for 8 in their 10th over. Chrisnanand bagged four for 5 runs and Jagnarine Persaud, 2-15. Cavaliers were 107 for 5.

“First of all, I must commend the fellows, it was a very good victory, restricting them to 103 in 10 overs is something below par on this small ground,” Cavaliers Captain Gopaul Boodram told Island Sun Sports. “Fantastic work by the bowers, especially Dhangpaul Chrisnanand who took four today and Avishkar Sewkarran came with a blistering 51, so I’m very happy with the win today.”

Vikings Captain Deko Khemraj said his team stuck to the plan but it didn’t come off the way they wanted. “The bowling wasn’t on target and we missed a few lines,” he noted, adding that 103 is not a high score. “We have to regroup as a team, learn from our mistakes, try harder and go into the future and play good cricket.”

Royal Knights by 15  

Invited to bat, Captain Keon DeJesus blasted 50 not out from 15 balls, got a supporting 35 from Vivian Fredericks and 29 from Wayne Richards, as Royal Knights pulled out a thrilling 15 run victory to close Sunday’s play, after posting 124-2, then repelling Rising Stars at 109-5.

After opener Vishal Seebarran went for a duck, Loy Squires and Roshan Hushman engaged in a 52 run partnership to bring the Rising Stars back into the game, but lost the next wicket for a duck. Hushman was run out for 35. Squires went for 24 and Anthony Pancho hanged on for 23 not out, but their run rate was insufficient, despite another 10 from Kevin Percival, as Royal Knights bowler Vincent Farley, bowled Nithin Baikerkar for a duck, to end his stint at 3 for 14 and snatched the Rising Stars’ hopes of victory shy of the 124 target.