City Manager, Janice Brathwaite-Edwards announced that plans are in the pipeline for the redesign and improvement of the Sir Olva Georges Plaza.

Speaking on a television program that was aired on 19 August, Mrs. Brathwaite-Edwards disclosed that the idea is to allow the public to determine the format of the design via a competition.

In fact, it was disclosed that the competition will be announced soon: “We are actually getting ready to put out a competition to redesign the Sir Olva Georges Plaza. We want to see what architects, landscape engineers etc come up with as we redesign the Sir Olva Georges Plaza,” she said.

Mrs. Brathwaite-Edwards explained that the vision is to ensure that the Plaza becomes an area that has the wow factor and is seen as the welcome into the city of Road Town. “We are trying to encompass the whole ferry dock situation the whole boardwalk promenade situation as you come into there. At the end of the day when you decide to come and wait for your ferry – because they say now – I am understanding that you have to be there for at least an hour which is something that …if I have to be at the ferry for at least an hour I can come down and relax in a green space,” she said.

The City Manager also explained that the redesigned Plaza will help to bring back foot traffic to Main Street and contribute to the excitement of Road Town: “I am excited because I can see [the Plaza]like the grand entrance to the city of Road Town,” she announced