Plans To Have a Taylor Shop At Hm Prison Being Evaluated


Superintendent of Her Majesty’s Prison, Mr David Foot announced that there are plans to change the uniform of the prison staff. In pursuit of the uniform change, the Superintendent explained that there are plans to submit a proposal to Minister for Education and Culture, Hon. Myron Walwyn who also has the portfolio for the prison. The announcement was made during Mr. Foot’s appearance before the Standing Finance Committee.

As he explained the change of uniform plans, Mr. Foot disclosed that the proposal to give the go-ahead would be submitted to the Minister with the intent of further seeking Cabinet’s approval for change.

Mr. Foot proposed that the new uniforms will be locally made because the Prison has created a tailor shop, and has a prison officer who is a qualified tailor.

The Superintendent explained that they are hoping to take on a risk assessment of prisoners who are suitable to do the tailoring work. At the moment, he disclosed that the uniforms used now are tailor-made in Road Town and are quite expensive.

In further explaining the need to implement the prison tailor service, Mr. Foot said that he believes that the Prison can become self-sufficient in making their own uniforms and employing the prisoners to do so.

Mr. Foot stated that if the tailoring initiative is successful and the Prison is satisfied with the work of the tailor shop then the service can be expanded to other uniformed services inside the Virgin Islands and potentially produce some savings for them as well.

In fact, the Superintendent stated that the tailor shop is at the moment producing all of the uniforms that the prison has to make.