Maxford Pipe checks his watch as he finishes Saturday's Dive BVI 5K Series race in 19 minutes and 23 seconds.   PHOTO CREDIT: Gerald Rose

Maxford Pipe checks his watch as he finishes Saturday’s Dive BVI 5K Series race in 19 minutes and 23 seconds. PHOTO CREDIT: Gerald Rose

APRIL 2—You can call Maxford Pipe a quick learner. A strategy he learnt a week earlier when Guy Williamson buried the field with the first of a series of 40m sprint just over a quarter mile into the Blenheim Trust 5K race, Pipe employed the same strategy, shot off like a canon for the first 200m and effectively put Saturday’s field away during the Dive BVI 5K Series finale on Virgin Gorda.

Pipe finished in 19 minutes and 23 seconds for his first victory over overall series champion Ravi Sukhu who was second in 19:55. Pipe has now finished ahead of Sukhu in their last three matchups. Veteran Zebalon McLean was third in 20:34.

Overall women’s division winner Brownsdon, at the peak of training for the Boston Marathon in three weeks time was midway through a 20 mile training run and like Pipe, ran at a pace that the rest of the field could not match to finish in 21:20, then continued with her training run. NiMade Oniasih followed Brownsdon in 23:27 and Berenice George was third in 23:47.

The Dive BVI 10K Series—a warm up for the third Dive BVI Virgin Gorda Half Marathon on May 17—will kick off on April 12. The course will cover the first 6.1 miles of the Half Marathon and race registration is open at www.racevirgingorda.com

This weekend, the Blenheim Trust 5K Series continues its tour of Tortola, with a stop in Carrot Bay. Registration begins at 6:30 a.m. and the race rolls off at 7.

Final Results; Men:1.  Maxford Pipe, 19 minutes and 23 seconds. 2. Ravi Sukhu, 19.55, 3.  Zeblon McLean, 20.34, 4. Ezron Simmons, 20.52, 5. Curwin Andrews, 21.02, 6. Pablo Olarte, 21.07, 7. Alan Cundall, 21.14, 8. Keith Williams, 21.57, 9. Patrick Ormond, 22.24, 10. Charles Kerins, 22.41, 11. Jermain Abrams, 23.23, 12. Shane Donovan, 23.43,

13. Wilbert Samuel, 30.49, 14. Zoltan Birinyi, 37.46, 15. Gerald Rose, 38.01, 16. Deann Neptune, 42.03, 17. Lars Giersing, 46.13.

Women: 1. Kathleen Brownsdon, 21.20, 2. NiMade Oniasih, 23.27. 3. Berenice George, 23.41, 4. Kay Reddy, 24.28, 5. Vivian Toro, 25.04, 6. Ghislaine Hoogadigh, 29.12, 7. Emily Abrehart, 30.21, 8. Anya Rhoden, 32.02, 9. AJ Syrett, 10. Johanna Kerins, 32.41, 11. Becca Knight, 33.34, 12. Tara Murphy, 42.03, 13. Sarah VanName, 42.04, 14. Christine Goschler, 43.34, 15. Elizabetta Biancardi Paradisi, 46.10, 16. Luana Casoni, 46.10, 17. Linda Giersing

2014 Dive BVI 5K Series overall winners: Men: 1.  Ravi Sukhu. 2. Emrol Amsterdam. 3. Curwin Andrews. Women:1. Kathleen Brownsdon. 2. NiMade Oniasih. 3. Lara Leyton.