Pier Park Self-Sustainability Addressed


The Tortola Pier Park will be self-sustainable and works to complete the systems necessary for that feature are being completed.

In an update on the construction of the Pier Park, Dion Stoutt, the Project Manager announced that the overall works are moving forward as planned.

Mr. Stoutt disclosed that as the construction continues, the housing for the emergency generators is almost complete. The Project Manager explained that electricity would be very important to the success of the area and noted that the generators are a key part.

He announced that to date the area that will house the switch gear for the emergency generator has been constructed. “The pipes are being covered by specially built concrete boxes to protect against storm surge,” he added.

As it relates to the aspects of the sustainability plan he said: “The Park must be self sustainable so we must be able to provide water, electricity and sewer services to this Park…even if the sewer services of the country are out. As such an area at the Park has been designated for the construction site of a cistern that would hold the capacity of three days supply of water for the entire Park.”

The sewer system for the Park will be tied into the national sewer system so that all of the waste from the project can go to the sewer system and be processed.