Pier Park Makes Steady Recovery


The management of the Tortola Pier Park (TPP) is optimistic that Disney cruise line will be returning soon to the Territory bringing increased foot traffic to the pier. In fact, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of TPP, Mr. Vance Lewis announced that the Park – which has been dubbed the city within the city has been refurbished and is ready to receive increased visitors.

Lewis noted that while both Norwegian and Disney cancelled calls to the Territory following the horrific visit of hurricanes Irma and Maria last year, only Disney did not indicate an exact time of return.

However, the TPP CEO mentioned that movements indicate that Disney is planning to resume calls to the BVI shortly: “We are hearing a lot of noises and seeing indicators that Disney is likely to return in the middle of July because currently you can book a Disney cruise to the BVI for 15 July so we firmly expect that they will be here around middle July time,” Lewis stated.

Over the last few weeks the Territory has been readying to receive tourists. Specific to the efforts were requirements made by Disney for consideration before its return. In an update on the preparation Lewis stated even the TPP was spruced up.

“The Tortola Pier Park is as beautiful as ever…we have restored the buildings. We have had a refurbishment of the electrical system since they have been exposed to salt water and salt spray and we have done a couple other modifications. Buildings have now been reroofed so there is no leaking issues, where there has been mold the mold has been cleaned and the areas have been cleared. Every tenant has been given back their unit…so that we resume business as quick as possible,” he said.

“Currently we have 55 percent of these stores in the Park opened and operational and we are fully confident that within the next two months we would have gotten closer to 90 percent, and by October we would be at optimal level or maybe even better,” he added.

Meanwhile Lewis said that much was achieved and continues to be done to get the Territory ready for the full tourism reboot. So far it was reported that roads have been paved, and beaches cleaned. “We are already seeing that some of the facilities on the beaches have been improved. Cane Garden Bay I think is the favorite beach and we are seeing a lot of work there. We are seeing demarcation being done at the cemetery and the shoreline,” he mentioned.