Pickering-Maynard asks cogent Questions


Oleanvine-MaynardSeventh District Candidate for the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) Oleanvine Pickering-Maynard bemoaned the state of the District during her launch on 18 May and criticized the incumbent Seventh District Representative for matters such as unemployment that should have been addressed.

Mrs. Pickering-Maynard announced that the Seventh District appears to have been neglected and stated that the people are in need of representation: “The Seventh District,  which I have called home since I was born, has been neglected for years. In fact, it seems that our elected representative has forgotten that he was elected to represent us, not himself. They say that actions speak louder than words. So my question to you my people of the Seventh, what does his actions say??” the VIP Candidate asked.

“I have heard the complaints of our people in the Seventh District. They have needs and wants that deserve to be met. They have dreams and aspirations that deserve an opportunity. But what they have not gotten in the past years is strong, reliable leadership and representation. Each time I pass through the district, I see the young men in our community,” she added

In making her point about the alleged neglect of the District, the candidate said: “We are my people of the Seventh District, a vulnerable community who has been ignored for far too long. We are vulnerable on many fronts and even more so when the representative we have does not deliver on his promises.”

One of things that Mrs. Pickering-Maynard criticized was the fact that the incumbent Representative is the Minister of Natural Resources and Labour, and the District has a high unemployment figure.

She questioned: “How can the Representative of this District and the sitting Minister of Labour be satisfied with having the highest rate of unemployment in the District he is supposed to represent?”

The VIP Candidate was equally critical of the situation of garbage in the District, and announced that she was most concerned about the health issues associated with said garbage: “Does your present representative realize the health hazards of garbage left in our streets and gutters left full in the Long Look area? Do you not deserve better? Maybe he does not walk through the community? But surely this is not something that he can ignore even when driving through. Should we ask him to slow down and take a look? Or should we, dare I say, ask him to move along as we take the 7th back; as we are moving forward, no one left behind.”

Mrs. Pickering-Maynard said that many youths in the District have entrepreneurial ambitions and she declared that the VIP has plans to assist: “The Virgin Islands Party has already set forth plans to lower taxes and to spur the entrepreneurial spirit within the ordinary man. Within the community, I have heard cries of the disenfranchised youth, who want to own their own business and who want an opportunity to work for themselves. But where is the person who is supposed to represent them?”

Among the mentioned plans to revitalize the Seventh District is development of a  Saturday marketplace, which would spur economic activity in the Seventh District. She also proposed to build a water park in Brandywine Bay.