Pickering, Fahie Share ‘Amazing Experience’ At Nba’s Bwb Camp

Shauliqua Fahie, left and Mahkayla Pickering at the NBA's Basketball Without Borders Camp in New Orleans: Photo courtesy of the NBA

Shauliqua Fahie, left and Mahkayla Pickering at the NBA’s Basketball Without Borders Camp in New Orleans: Photo courtesy of the NBA

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

“At the Basketball Without Borders camp, it was a very amazing experience and I learned that team work, chemistry and dedication takes you far,” Mahkayla Pickering who attended the camp with Shauliqua Fahie said. “You have to learn to step out of you comfort zone because if you don’t you won’t get anywhere and don’t expect to go places except and be in the same environment.”

Pickering and Fahie returned to the territory on Monday, from an ‘amazing experience’ at the NBA’s Basketball Without Borders camp in New Orleans, which was part of the NBA All Star weekend activities.

Pickering and Fahie, who are part of the Digicel NBA Jump Program and moved on to the Digicel NBA Elite Camp here last October and advanced to an NBA Authentic Experience in New York in December, were among 67 players from 32 counties invited to the camp.

Fahie said they got to make new friends from around the world and learned new things. “I learned to play with different teammates and something about their style of play,” she said.

Pickering said that the Basketball Without Borders camp was quite different to the Digicel Jumpstart program, the elite camp and what they were exposed to in New York.

“At this camp it was harder work, being consistent and being on time,” she said. “It was tougher than the Jumpstart program and Elite camp. Meeting different people really showed me that everybody isn’t the same. I met a lot of girls that speak several different languages and it was great learning about other cultures.”

For Fahie, she said it helped her develop mentally and dealing with other people it has helped her game. “Because I’ve gone to all these camps, it has helped my shooting and dribbling,” she said. “It has stepped up my game a notch.”

Both Pickering and Fahie said that they will share what they have learned with her peers that hard work and dedication is the key. “That’s most important because if you don’t work hard, you can’t make it to where you want to be,” Pickering said.

It was a good experience, Fahie stated. “I have learnt some new moves and I will definitely share them with my teammates,” she said.

Sunday’s All Stars Game Pickering noted, was great but was more like an exhibition with players showing their talent, rather than playing hard.

“It was entertaining,” Fahie said. “They were doing all kinds of things during the game.”