Phone Lines Vandalized


FLOW BVI’s service lines are allegedly being destroyed in various areas around the Territory, but the company’s complaint about the matter is being met with little sympathy from the community.

The matter of damaged service lines was reported by Marketing Manager of Flow BVI, Sarah Graham on the BVI Community Board last week, Thursday. In lodging the complaint, Graham said: “Today Flow technicians were working in the Todman’s area. When they returned from lunch they found that one of the lines had been hacked, apparently with a machete.”

In lamenting the situation, the company’s Marketing Manager said that the damaged lines are causing service issues for customers: “Unfortunately this is not an isolated instance, and only results in inconvenience to our customers who lose service as a result.”

She also implored the community to assist FLOW by reporting situations of line tampering: “If you see anyone who is clearly not a technician, damaging lines, please contact the police. Potential vandals need to be aware that many of our lines are live and that by cutting lines, you are putting your own safety at risk,” Graham announced.

However, most persons who commented on the post insisted that the company’s service was not the best.