Perseverance Highlights St. George’s Secondary School Graduation


14 students graduated from the St George’s Secondary School on 29 June and were celebrated in a fitting commencement ceremony that was held at the Episcopal Church in Road Town.

The theme of the graduation was ‘perseverance’ and as a result praises were heaped on the class of 2016 and the Valedictorian Emmanuel Borokinni and Salutatorian Rhenique Cooper.

Principal of the St George’s Secondary School, Dr. Antoinette Rock told the students to regard the blessings and kindness that has been showed to them so far, and to never disregard the generosity of others.

“If you look on the table you would see numerous gifts, many envelopes with money and all sorts of goodies — nobody had to do this for you. You must not take the generosity of other persons for granted, because nobody owes us anything,” the Principal said.

In her final lesson to the students Dr. Rock told the class of 2016: “When you go into the world of work and go into the big cities of the world this (level of generosity) is not going to happen, so be very grateful for what happens to you in this beautiful small community of Tortola.”

Leader of the Opposition Hon. Julian Fraser told the students that the day was one for celebrating and a time to be jubilant: “Class of 2016 I want the best for you, I know you worked hard for this day, because I saw your struggles, people who worked hard like you did, are always rewarded…This day marks the end of your days of compulsory education.”

Hon. Fraser also urged the graduates to continue their studies: “Respectfully I would like to urge you to pursue tertiary education at all cost,” he said.

Chairman of the St George’s School Board, Mr. Gerard StC. Farara, Q.C told the students to reflect fondly on the time spent at the secondary school: “I believe that our graduates have had many a pleasant memory as they went through the St George’s Secondary school experience.”

He admonished the students to continue to work hard and to not falter at challenges: “Adversity is designed to bring the best out of you. You have to focus on that silver lining, and improve yourself because adversity was presented to you as a challenge in life.”

Keynote Speaker Mrs. Lorna Smith offered her advice on perseverance, the theme. She told the graduants: “At some point you will experience failure, so expect it…When we fail it feels like the end of the world, but I assure you that such episodes make you stronger.”

“Class of 2016 perseverance calls for discipline, discipline is the bridge between your goals and your accomplishments…so be focused. Don’t let others distract you from reaching your goals,” Mrs. Smith added.