Most People Are Happy With Ndp Government: Premier Says


Premier and Minister for Finance Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith said that only a few persons are unhappy with his Government; and that a large percentage of the population is satisfied with the way the Territory is being managed.

During a press conference on 10 February members of the media asked the Premier if he was concerned that his Government was losing public confidence. In response Premier Smith told reporters that people continue to congratulate him and the Government and as such he is not bothered by the few critics.

“I hear criticisms from a few persons; that doesn’t say that the public is losing confidence…In fact, when I go around the country, I get congratulations from the people on what government is doing,” Premier Smith stated. He also said that he is only hearing about public frustration from certain sources which he would not name.

Meanwhile Dr. Smith said that residents urged him to continue on the path he is on: “They (residents) have spoken to me and they are very happy and say to continue doing what we are doing.”

“The community is responding to the efforts of government and this is good..,” the Minister for Finance added.