Peebles Hospital Gets Astronomic Electricity Bill


Chairman of the BVI Health Services Authority, the Most Reverend Bishop John Cline recently announced that the Authority approached Government to seek permission to implement alternative energy systems at Peebles Hospital.

While on the Speak Out BVI program Bishop Cline disclosed that the hospital accrued an enormous electricity bill. He told the show’s panel: “Our present utility bill that I met is escalating, especially when the price of gas is very high.”

“When this Board took over three years ago, I think we met a bill of about $1.8 million. That bill right now is up to $5.9 million. It’s accumulating over years…It is already doubled, and our imaging is not fully up yet. So, by the time you get CT scan, MRI, when you get that stuff kicking in, it has to be properly cool. They pull a lot of current; that will go up,” he added.

The Chairman said that the situation requires a means to stem the cost, and he noted that efforts are being made to remedy the situation: “We have made some move in terms of reducing cost in terms of more efficient lighting.”

In disclosing the alternative energy plans he said: “Just this week, we said to central government, ‘you need to help us to look at some alternative energy, be it solar, because our dependence on fossil fuel is not sustainable. And, if you help us, we believe that the savings can pay for installation or something like that’.”