Payment of Increments owed to Civil Servants is Underway


Increments owed for 2013 are expected to be paid by the end of May, Premier, Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith announced in the House of Assembly on 12 March  during the questions and answers segment.

The increment topic was put to the Minister for Finance, by First District Representative, Hon. Andrew Fahie. In response Hon. Smith explained that Government is working towards meeting the May deadline, and told the House: “I am pleased to say that we expect to clear all outstanding areas of increments by the end of May 2015.”

Premier Smith explained that performance increments for 2012 were submitted and have been paid. “Those individual cases of outstanding increments prior to 2013 should be raised between the officer and the respective Department Head. Once it is in, and the officer is eligible, and the necessary submissions are made to the Department of Human Resources, those will be paid as well,” the Premier said.

The Minister of Finance disclosed that the 2013 increment payments were expected to commence in 2015. He announced: “By February 2015, the Department of Human Resources began to process the payments of 2013 increments, starting with the departments under the Governor’s Group. This process continues for each ministry and its departments: Premier’s Office, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and Social Development, Ministry of Communication and Works.”

The BVI Leader announced that the payment of the 2014 increments will be issued soon. As it relates to the 2015 increment Hon. Smith explained that those payments will be made in 2016.