Pari-Mutuel Betting Gets Positive Feedback


The Minister for Education and Culture, Hon. Myron Walwyn’s announcement that a discussion on pari-mutuel betting was in the pipeline has created optimism in some persons in the Territory. Some residents feel that once pari-mutuel betting is allowed other areas of gambling might be authorized.

During the “A Look at The Community” Talk Show on 12 September a caller announced that it is possible that other gambling related matters would be resolved following a positive decision on pari-mutuel betting.

The caller said: “From the small picture look at the bigger one — automatically cruise ships will be allowed to stay here the whole night and open their casino.”
“I say the small picture is horseracing as a start and the cruise ships on the other end,” he added.

Callers to the various radio talk shows in the Territory have in the past been vocal about the present territorial position on gambling and on two separate times last year residents called for a referendum on the matter.