Paraquita Bay Water Mystery Unravelled


After years of toiling begging and pleading the farmers at Paraquita Bay will finally have a reliable source of water now that the Water and Sewerage Department has been able to ascertain the reason no water was flowing in that area.

This development was announced by Minister for Transportation, Works and Utilities Hon. Kye Rymer in a statement in the House of Assembly on 26 June. Hon. Rymer told legislators that the problem is finally being addressed after hindering agricultural production in the Territory for years. Mr. Rymer disclosed that the Minister for agriculture was instrumental in solving this vexing problem.

“I take this opportunity at this moment to also inform in addition to the minister regarding the Paraquita Bay Farm Lands. Mister Speaker, I wish to commend the Minister for Agriculture Dr. the Honourable Natalio Wheatley who is responsible for the subject, for his persistence in ensuring that this issue has been rectified,” Hon. Rymer noted.

It was explained that the lack of water all these years was caused by line issues that would now be remedied: “The team at Water and Sewerage has identified several open-ended lines on the lands of the farms with water hardly going to the grounds,” the Minister stated.

The issues uncovered during the 24 June visit to Paraquita Bay included the matter of feeder lines that are connected to the mainline but are not receiving water. Lines which the Minister said would be removed from farms that are not functional to better allow more water to flow in.

During the visit, the farmers were said to have been very helpful in the sorting of the problem and made suggestions to the Water and Sewerage Department. It was said that the farmers provided advice as to how the water pressure can be maintained and recommended that proper sprinkler systems be installed. 

Additionally, the Minister said that the visiting team from Water and Sewerage Dept. was able to trace back to the valves on the lands, and identified that for service to be effective in some areas, valves would have to be closed or turned down.

Hon. Rymer said that it was determined that to provide the adequate supply of water to farmers consistently the entire system must be redone. Nonetheless, he stated that the Water and Sewerage Department through the Ministry is committed toward providing guidance and solution in resolving the issues.