The plans to rebuild the Palm Grove Shopping Centre still stands, however it was mentioned that there might be a need to reissue the request for Expression of Interest (EOI) since it was reported that response to the requests came after the deadline.

This situation of the late response has placed the Ministry of Transportation, Works and Utilities in a quandary where they are now trying to ascertain the legal aspects of this matter. The peculiar situation was disclosed by Minister for Works and Utilities Hon. Kye Rymer during his appearance on the 10 September episode of the Honestly Speaking With Claude Skelton-Cline radio programme.

The Minister mentioned that persons seemed to become aware of the requests for Interest too late: “It is only after the bids closed that we understood that a number of people were interested. We are trying to see the legalities in terms of opening it,” Hon. Rymer said.

From July it was disclosed that the Ministry was going to solicit Expressions of Interest for the Palm Grove Shopping Center. The announcement that the EOI was out was made in the House of Assembly by Hon. Rymer during the July 31 sitting of the House of Assembly.

Hon. Rymer told the House of Assembly that the EOI was titled No. 9 of 2019 and was aimed at garnering interest in the designing, financing and building of the Palm Grove Shopping Centre. The Minister explained that the EOI was published, and that at closing submissions were going to be shortlisted.

“These persons will then be invited to submit proposals to partner with the Government of the Virgin Islands to build a modern Palm Grove Shopping Centre…The selected partner will also be required to engage in talks with the original lessees of the centre who will have preferred options to lease space,”Hon. Rymer added.