Over 20 In YEP Summer Program Introduced To Lacrosse


Jaquan Watkins, right, tries to scoop up a ground ball as he’s pursued by Jaron Daley and Angelique Bruce

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Ahead of his Sr. year at Jupiter Community High School in Florida, George Moroncini is taking two weeks of his summer to introduce Lacrosse to more than 20 YEP Summer Program students, as part of his community service program. The sessions are being held at the HLSCC campus and wraps up this weekend.

“I’ve been teaching the kids of the island the basics of Lacrosse, how to catch, throw and everything to see if the kids like it or not,” Moroncini told Island Sun sports after the first week. “The response has been pretty much the same by everyone. Everyone is enjoying the sport, everyone is participating and I can see everyone improving every day.”

 Moroncini said on Monday’s first day was a complete mess when the sport was being introduced. Everyone was running around, waking each other, trying to pick up the ball, then sprinting to the goal and scoring. By Friday, he was seeing them catching the ball, picking up the ball with two hands, moving it to teammates and then scoring. 

Moroncini, who plans to apply to the Air Force and Naval Academy after graduating, said his mom knowns Jaylen Cox’s father and they came up with the idea of teaching Lacrosse to the kids where he grew up. 

“The BVI was picked because they’ve never played Lacrosse here before,” Moroncini pointed out. “We thought it would be a good idea to show them what Lacrosse is because on the first day, no one knew what the sport was.”

He said that Elmore Stoutt High School Women’s Basketball Coach Mia Blyden who played Lacrosse for Lincoln Memorial University in Tennessee and came out, has been a great help.

“With over 20 kids and me just teaching them, she has been a big help,” he noted. “She shows them the right technique, how to catch, how to throw, how to pickup ground balls and where to be on the field. She’s just a great help with the kids.”

Blyden, a Lacrosse defender, said it’s simply amazing to be able to play her sport on Tortola. 

“I’ve always wanted to bring it out and I’m so thankful to George and the BVI Tourist Board for putting this together,” she said. “It’s a great feeling to bring this sport home to the BVI. Hopefully, this is a start to a new sport here. They have the talent. It’s just a week and some of them are catching good, picking up the ground balls and making goals. I mean, they have picked up this game really fast.”