The legislation that would give the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) more teeth as it relates to holding service providers more accountable and as an offshoot provide better service to consumers is being revised. This disclosure was made by Guy Malone the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the TRC.

 The update about the legislation being in the pipeline was made during the CEO of the TRC’s appearance before the Standing Finance Committee. During that appearance the majority of the concerns about the belaboured telecommunications issues were put to the CEO of the TRC by Leader of the Opposition and Representative for the Eighth District Hon. Marlon Penn.

Hon. Penn noted that there was an ongoing concern from persons in the Territory regarding the Telecom Providers where consumers were paying for services and feeling like they are not receiving what they paid for.

Hon. Penn asked what was TRC’s role is in ensuring that the consumer gets value for money and ensuring that the providers are held accountable when they deliver subpar or no service to customers and ensuring that this practice is addressed.

In response Malone explained that the CEO stated that there was an issue with telecommunications where technology evolved and regulation followed. The TRC CEO noted that the Telecommunications Act had been in place since 2006. He further explained that when the Act was written broadband internet was new here. Therefore Malone said that the Act needs to be amended in order for service providers to be held accountable, but this he noted was a tedious task.

Internet Blues & Disservice

Malone CEO explained that with regards to internet and the challenges, the Commission was embarking on the process of renewing the operator’s licence because operators have a 15 year licence which was beyond the TRC’s control.

Most important the CEO noted that TRC was in the process of revising the legislation to present to the House of Assembly and have it passed. They were also in the process of conducting a network audit and a compliance audit to bring the operators in line with what the TRC intended to do.