Optimistic PVIM Leader Looks At 2023


Leader of the Progressive Virgin Islands Movement (PVIM) Mr. Ronnie Skelton said that the Party is not daunted by the fact that the election results was not very favorable and that the Party secured only one seat.

Skelton who contested for an At Large seat and was unsuccessful said that the plan is now to grow the PVIM and keep the organization at a point where it is a viable choice for the next general elections: “My next thing is to assist my colleagues and to build this movement and to get it to a place where it is well respected, and the people understand that we are a movement not just for this time, but an organization that is interested in the things that we believe in,” he told the media at a press conference on 26 February.

He said that the PVIM will be meeting monthly and keeping in contact with the residents of the Territory. Skelton also said that the Party which did not have a full slate of candidates for this election will be trying to field candidates for the next election.

He endorsed comments that the late entrance of the PVIM onto the political scene contributed to the fact that the Party did not do very well.

The Second District candidate, Mitch Turnbull who was the incumbent was the only PVIM member to secure a seat in the 25 February elections; and the Party has vowed to support that candidate during this administration.  

 As it relates to questions about whether Skelton will run in 2023, the PVIM Leader said: “I see Bernie Saunders running at 77, I don’t know if I can, but I leave that up to the future of the Party, the organization and the Movement. I won’t make that decision right now. I can’t tell you yes, I can’t tell you no,” he noted.