Opposition Members Seek Input And Assistance From Experts


Members of the Opposition and Backbenchers need access to a lawyer and experts, First District Representative, and Opposition Member, Hon. Andrew Fahie told the House of Assembly on 8 April during the debate of the Status of Children legislation.

“I have asked Madame Speaker, and I will await your response with regards to how much money we have available on this side of the aisle for the backbenchers to get a lawyer to start to go through some of these documents to make sure the people of the country get the best deal,” the Opposition Member announced.

Hon. Fahie explained that some bills were very technical and required expert advice as well as a more thorough review: “I am getting wary of some of these bills that are coming Madam Speaker to feel that we as 13 members, even those who are Ministers with staff don’t understand fully and have all of the answers.”

The Opposition Member explained that the input of a legal mind into some of the matters is critical, and will greatly assist members of the House who do not have access to the Attorney General:  “Madame Speaker the government side, the Cabinet section, especially has access to the Attorney General; that’s just how the system is, it hasn’t changed. But, Madame Speaker the kind of bills that are coming forward I am not going to hide, some of them are above my pay scale, and I need to have more legal input and other expertise input into making sure the people of this Territory get the best deal with these bills,” Hon. Fahie declared.