Opposition Leader Warns About Constitutional Concerns


Leader of the Opposition and First District Representative, Hon. Andrew Fahie announced that in the coming days he will be making his first Territorial address since his appointment.

In a press release issued to the media last week the Opposition Leader accused the Government of engaging in bully tactics and warned that various actions have raised constitutional concerns and has placed the Territory on the path of direct British sanctions and possible intervention.

In making his announcement Hon. Fahie also accused the Government of employing distraction tactics, that he said are aimed at discrediting him: “The Premier and his Bully Government will have to appreciate that these distraction tactics including attempts to try to intimidate, discredit, as well as to instill fear will not work because God did not give me nor you the people of the Virgin Islands a spirit of fear.”

Hon. Fahie further declared that the state of affairs in the Territory is not as rosy as the Government is portraying: “Crime is now a challenge.  The economy is not robust.  There is no accountability.  There is no transparency.  Residents do not feel safe like before.  Many projects under this government are not in conformity with the Constitution, the Protocols for Effective Financial Management nor The Public Finance Management Act,” he announced.

“Instead of these (issues) being this government’s focus they have chosen to make trying to discredit me their agenda.  Six years later and the extensive list of poor financial conduct by this government is a concern to everyone.  In the not too distant future, I will be addressing the Territory with my first national address since becoming Leader of the Opposition.  At that time, I will expand on some of these concerns and will include suggestions on how to revive the economy and reduce the growing tax burden imposed by this government on the citizens of the country,” the Opposition Leader mentioned.

Meanwhile, Hon. Fahie stated that he will not be bullied by the Government: “I will conclude by informing the bully minister and this bully government that I will not be distracted from the mission of restoring accountability, transparency and good governance to these Virgin Islands.  No matter how long moonlight runs daylight will catch it and they must be aware that “when destruction is your motivation, your motivation becomes your destruction.”