Opposition Leader Is Impressed By Power Development Phase 5


Leader of the Opposition and Third District Representative, Hon. Julian Fraser is pleased with the work that was done towards the advancement of the BVI Electricity Corporation’s Phase 5 Power Development at the Pockwood Pond power station.

Hon. Fraser announced that he is impressed with the development during a media tour that was held on 15 September: “I had a tour, I think it’s impressive as it stands, I think they are delivering in accordance to the plan that they presented. I am looking to the relief that it is going to bring – I have heard – by the end of this year, noticeable relief will be in place, and I am expecting that,” he told reporters during a tour of the project.

“I am no stranger to the corporation and the compound, serving as minister…I want to commend the minister (Hon. Mark H. Vanterpool) for being able to bring forth phase 5, which has been in the making for some time, make no mistake about it, it is a major undertaking,” Hon. Fraser noted.

Fraser added, “the predictions for the future outcome is basically certain because Wartsila is a proven and tested company. The members of the ministry and corporation had gone to Finland where the generators were manufactured, and the most important thing is that they have the Wartsila people on site; and it mitigates tremendously, chances of anything going wrong.”

During the tour, the media had an opportunity to see the on-going expansion works and receive updates on the development. Phase 5 includes the installation of two 34.5 KV transmission cables from Pockwood Pond to Long Bush, plus the installation of three diesel-fired Wartsila generators.

The Phase V Programme is on schedule and will be executed by the end of the year.